Adil is a photographer and filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. He has been doing commercial, documentary & travel photography for over 20 years and directing ad films and short films for 14 years.

The son of an Army officer, Adil grew up traveling widely across India and the US and studying at 9 different schools. He received his B.A. in English Literature from the University of Delhi in 1997 and an AAS in Photography (with Honors) from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming in 1999. He studied under Steve Smith – who taught for only 3 years before returning to photojournalism and winning a Pulitzer Prize in Photography. After graduating he assisted Sante d’Orazio, Mark Abrahms and Greg Miller in New York on editorial and advertising shoots, including cover shoots with Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer.

His earliest artistic influences were his mother and grandfather, both of whom paint. He has sought to balance his commercial photography career with personal documentary work, and he enjoys both in equal measure.

Adil was the recipient of the National Emergency Medal in November 2020, for helping with disaster relief assistance with Team Rubicon Australia in Proserpine QLD, after it was struck by Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017. 

Client List :

Advertising –

Pepsi, Sony Music, IndiGo airlines, Anand Automotive Group, Pears-Lux-Vaseline, Glaxo-Smith-Klien, Close Up, Tang, Asmi Jewelry, Vicks, Vision World, Salt Water Grill restaurant, Mocha, Sweetex.

Editorial –

Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmopolitan (India), Verve, Femina, T.O.I. Sunday Review, Man’s World. Images featured in Time (Asia), India Today, Outlook and Elle (India).

Film publicity – Boom, Black, Dhoom 2.

He has written a full length feature film, and a children’s musical on climate change called  “Where will all the penguins go??”

Jeremy (right) and I in the Redwood forests in North California, summer 2018. Photo by Vince.