Sea plane from Killcare to Sydney. Photo by Adil Jain

I am now offering shoot facilitation services for –

1 – Shoots that are traveling to Australia: Crew bookings, location, permissions, equipment hire, cars and vans, accommodation, travel, casting, insurances etc.

2 – Remote shoots that need to shoot all, part, a single shot (perhaps a drone shot of flying over the city) – with a director remote directing.

3 – Complete shoot facilitation. From storyboard to director to edit, grade and VFX.

Australia is abundant with highly experienced, highly skilled talent. A very large portion of the crew here has worked on big Hollywood films ranging from The Matrix to the Avengers.

We only work with the best – and they are not cheap. If you are looking for low-cost solutions then I probably can’t help you.

Here is just a small sampling of the kind of talent that we have access to:

Directors: Drama, Comedy, Cars, Animation/CG + live action

DOPs: TVCs, drama, docu, features

Set/costume/make up designers: Oscar nominated/winners

Locations: deserts, outback, forests, coral reef, beaches, snow covered mountains, tropical jungle.

Drones: high speed racing drones through to large drones that can carry Alexas and REDs.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Photo by Adil Jain

In most urban/close to major city areas we would be able to provide live video playback to remote clients/agencies.

For remote location shoots, no such guarantee provided – we can look at Satellite phone linkage but that is an incredibly expensive option.

The famous Icebergs swimming pool at Bondi Beach. Photo by Adil Jain
Hunter Valley – wine region, NSW. Photo by Adil Jain